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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

First year can be a little overwhelming.

Between waking up for morning lectures, miraculously submitting last-minute papers and stuffing yourself with Tuchner’s fries, it can be hard staying focused on your career goals. Luckily for you, the Schulich Consulting Club is here to help.

With a 68% annual membership growth rate, SCC is one of the fastest growing clubs on campus. Our formula for success is simple: we educate our members about the consulting industry, connect them to representatives from leading firms, and enable them to successfully begin their professional careers.

If that seems like something that interests you, read on to learn more about how our patented SCC Experience can help you make the most of your time at Schulich.


Most incoming first years have absolutely no idea what consulting is, and we’re perfectly fine with that. Our series of “Essentials” workshops in the fall will build soft-skills from the ground up, ensuring all our members are equipped with a strong foundation in the industry. In the winter, we’ll host an advanced workshop series that will provide a more in-depth look at consulting. With topics such as networking, data analytics and machine learning, the skills you pick up at our workshops can be applied across various specializations. To get a unique look at the industry’s recent trends, members can come out to our flagship Undergraduate Consulting Conference and benefit from engaging keynotes and corporate presentations. No matter your current level of expertise, SCC has a wide array of tools ready to help you succeed in any professional environment.


Networking is every Schulich student’s favorite pastime, and SCC delivers on this area in many ways. Through our frequent networking sessions, members can build valuable connections with representatives from firms such as McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Monitor Deloitte, PwC, P&G and IBM. Our Undergraduate Consulting Conference allows members to meet like-minded students from across the province, network with experienced consultants and present a live case solution to a panel of judges from McKinsey. For those who prefer a one-on-one setting, our Coffee Chat Connect program provides the opportunity for members to directly meet with industry professionals. Finally, our SCC executive team and alumni base are always ready to answer any questions you may have.


The final step of the SCC Experience is applying all the concepts you’ve learned to real-world consulting situations. For first and second year students, this means participating in our renowned DELTA Case Competition. With multiple rounds, dynamic industry challenges, and a judging panel consisting of corporate representatives from a variety of industries, DELTA is a great way for students to kickstart their journey into the field of consulting. Likewise, our ELEVATE Case Prep Program supports third year members through the consulting recruitment process. As of 2018, our newly-launched CATALYST Pro-Bono Consulting initiative will provide members with the opportunity to work a live consulting case with a non-profit or social organization. SCC also keeps members updated on the latest networking events and recruitment information throughout the year. Our initiatives will ensure you can smoothly transition from your undergraduate degree to a successful career in the consulting industry.

Educate, Connect, Enable - it’s a simple process that produces outstanding results. The skills you learn, connections you build, and experiences you create with SCC will help you grow both as a person and a professional. Make sure to check out our booth at Club Week and stay tuned to our social media pages for important updates, including our First Year Representative applications. Finally, our entire team here at SCC would like to wish you all the best in your upcoming semester at Schulich - we can’t wait to see where your SCC experience will take you!

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