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Journey of a First Year Representative

Interested in learning more about the position of SCC’s First Year Representative (FYR)? The following blog post outlines the journey of the 2021 FYRs, Anaum Osman (BBA, 2025) and Connor Sykes (BBA, 2025), and how the position helped them not only within Schulich but in their professional careers. After learning about SCC and meeting the Executive Team during Club Week, both Anaum and Connor knew they had to apply. Throughout the duration of their time as FYR, they both were able to explore their passion for consulting and connect with various industry professionals. Following their terms as FYR, both Anaum and Connor moved into the roles of Corporate Relations Associate and Finance & Analytics Associates respectively. The following blogpost will provide an inside look into the progression of a FYR on SCC and the plethora of benefits that comes with the role.

What interested you in applying to SCC FYR?

Anaum: When I first started at Schulich, I had the intention of pursuing a career in law. While I thought consulting sounded interesting, I didn’t really understand what consulting was, or the benefits of pursuing a career in consulting. When I initially spoke with some executives on SCC and visited their booth at club week, I was immediately intrigued. I never knew that consulting was such an interesting career path with such a diverse range of opportunities. Aside from that, SCC hosted various initiatives, such as the FYR rotational program, internal development initiatives, the Undergraduate Consulting Conference and DELTA, along with several events throughout the school year. I knew that as FYR, I would be able to get an early start into exploring consulting, gaining both substantial industry knowledge and building my professional network. Aside from this, what truly enticed me to apply was the sense of community that SCC fosters. All of the executives were very helpful and SCC seemed like a very close knit community, which I ultimately got to experience when I became a FYR.

Was there anything you did not expect to experience during your FYR experience?

Connor: I was not sure what to expect when I began my FYR experience, but as a whole, it was a fantastic role. I was certainly not expecting to gain such a breadth of experience in such a short period of time. The opportunity to work with every function allows you to understand every aspect of the daily operations of the club, ultimately offering some great insight into the inner workings of the consulting industry. Above all else, I was blown away by the amount of support from the other members of the executive team. All executives on the team support each other professionally, socially, and academically through sharing resources and being there for one another. Everyone has the shared goal of keeping each other's and members' best interests in mind at all times, which is why I enjoyed the FYR role so much.

Additionally, I was unaware of the internal recruitment structure for the executive team. Something to keep in mind upon joining SCC as a FYR is that you should take advantage of the learning opportunities you have been given, as you will be able to explore your interests within the club and understand your personal preferences.

How did this role help you land your summer internship?

Anaum: This past summer, I worked as a Project Management Intern at Tentree, a sustainable fashion brand that plants ten trees for every item sold. During my interview, they prompted me to speak more about my experience on SCC. I was able to speak about the skills I gained through being a FYR, such as communication, event planning and data analytics. Additionally, SCC has frequent internal development initiatives specifically for executives, such as resumé editing and mock interview preparation. Having my resumé and cover letter edited by VPs was helpful to ensure I was conveying my experience in an effective and professional manner, and ensured my application was competitive. Additionally, being a part of the mock interview initiative helped me perform well on my one-way video interview and my second interview with three managers.

How did your experience as First Year Representative help you in transitioning to your new role?

Anaum: First Year Representatives have the opportunity to participate in a rotational program, where they are able to work with every function: Member Development, Conference Development, Finance & Analytics, Marketing, and Corporate Relations. By participating in meetings and being involved in completing deliverables for each function, I was able to learn and gain a diverse skill set. My ability to explore each function on SCC helped me gauge what type of role I would be interested in for the next SCC year. As I enjoyed maintaining communications with firm representatives, I decided to take on the Corporate Relations Associate position for this year.

Any advice for aspiring FYRs?

Connor: My advice to anyone interested in the FYR role is to not hesitate and begin filling out that application as soon as possible. When answering the questions, be yourself as everyone is welcome on SCC and the club values authenticity above all else. Even if you may not have the greatest experiences, if you are both passionate and willing to learn that is truly what SCC values. As with any application process, I’d recommend you do some research about the club’s philosophy, mission, and impact on the Schulich community to gain a broad background and understanding. Furthermore, individuals who are driven to thrive in the world of consulting,have a genuine interest in problem solving, and want to leave an impact on the community will find ease aligning themselves with the position of FYR.

If hearing about both Anaum and Connors journeys on SCC has sparked your interest in the position, make sure to follow our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more updates on the FYR recruitment process. Additionally, make sure to attend SCC’s kickoff event Premiere on October 3rd in order to learn more about SCC's initiatives for the year, hear from consultants, and network with the team.

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