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Benefits of our First Year Rep Experience

Are you thinking about applying to become SCC’s First Year Representative (FYR) or signing up to be an SCC member? This blogpost outlines what Athirai Ilangko (BBA ‘24) and James Tang (iBBA ‘24), SCC’s 2020 First Year Representatives have to say about their experiences on the club. Both Athirai and James were introduced to SCC during club week, where they made their first leap into consulting by applying for the FYR position. Upon being selected for the role, a plethora of opportunities opened for them in the diverse world of consulting. In the following year, Athirai and James advanced into their current roles as Conference Development Associates on SCC. In this edition of SCC’s Blueprint Blog, Athirai and James respond to questions discussing the impact that SCC has made on their professional and personal journeys.

What type of support does SCC have to offer?

Athirai: The transition from high school to university is always a difficult one, though adjusting to online learning has made it even more difficult for student communities to flourish. The online environment (that we sadly all know too well) made it a strenuous process to form connections with both peers and professionals. However, by joining SCC I was given many opportunities to connect with upper-year students and Schulich alumni. Personally, I gained valuable insight on what to expect throughout my first year and received a plethora of resources maximizing both my academic and career success. Over the course of my time on the club, it became clear that SCC prioritizes the growth and development of its executives, which supports us in gaining relevant experience and knowledge for the consulting field. This is evident in SCC’s Internal Development initiatives, in which executive members have exclusive access to resume editing, mock interviews, internal workshops that break down everything from the recruitment process to coffee chats, and much more.

How did SCC help build your network?

James: Many of my peers tell me that building your network is just as important as your academics - and I completely agree. Although, I found that networking with upper-years and early professionals was quite a daunting task as I was entering my first year. SCC recognizes this and provides its executives with the building blocks necessary to form strong long-lasting connections. SCC’s growth over the years paired with the accumulated pool of impressive alumni ensures that executives are adequately prepared to enter into the field of consulting. I can speak from first-hand experience that this incredibly talented and generous community never shies away from helping out fellow SCC members years down the line. In fact, my most valuable tips and pieces of advice often come from these alumni. Overall, SCC assisted tremendously with my networking journey and I know it will continue to do the same for all SCC members in years to come.

What experiences did you gain as FYRs?

Athirai: As a FYR, I had access to all of SCC’s exclusive events - beginning with the Undergraduate Consulting Conference (UCC). Despite being in my first year, I was able to meet and network with various professionals from a range of firms. In addition to attending the event, I was able to see all the exclusive behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning such a large scale conference. This came with learning how to initiate contact with industry professionals, connecting with other first-year students, and strategizing ways to optimize engagement for events.

On top of helping out with UCC, James and I learned about SCC’s five functions: Finance & Analytics, Conference Development, Member Development, Marketing, and Corporate Relations. Each of these functions work cohesively to grow the club and deliver value to all of our members. By shadowing the hard-working teams behind these functions, I was given many opportunities to pick up a diverse set of skills and learn what it takes to keep a club functioning. Through assisting these teams, I experienced the importance of communication and initiative to achieve the mutual goal of exposing Schulich students to the lucrative consulting industry. Reflecting upon it now, it was thanks to my thorough understanding of SCC’s functions and my FYR experience that I was able to make an informed decision to take on my current role as a Conference Development Associate.

How would you sum up your overall SCC journey so far?

James: I can honestly say that SCC has accelerated me towards a better future in numerous ways. Whether it be the outstanding alumni, the passionate team, or the amazing people I have met through SCC events, I have been able to achieve what I once deemed impossible all because of their support and knowledge. Not only was I able to build connections with industry professionals who sparked my interest in consulting, but I also have all the tools I need to become a competitive candidate in the recruitment process.


Overall, in the position of FYR, Athirai and I were provided with unlimited support, industry knowledge, and connections that we would never have received without this role. I would highly recommend anyone who has a burning passion for consulting to apply for SCC’s First Year Representative role - I can guarantee it will certainly push you towards reaching your goals whilst building lasting relationships along the way.

If Athirai and James’ experiences on SCC as the past First Year Representatives have you interested in applying, be sure to stay tuned to SCC’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages for updates on the recruitment process. To learn more about the club, be sure to check SCC out at club week and chat with our executive team!

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