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Case Preparation Program


For the 2017 – 2018 year, the Schulich Consulting Club is launching our inaugural Case Preparation Program for Undergraduate students: ELEVATE. This rigorous 3-month case interview training program is geared towards high-potential candidates looking to break into the field of consulting.

Students will learn and apply the concepts of critical thinking, case analysis, structured storytelling, and relationship building in consulting. Additionally, they will learn how to develop the "professional finesse" needed to break into the industry. Through this program, we aim to prepare students for the recruitment process and enable them to put their best foot forward.​​


ELEVATE members will be paired with students who have successfully broken into the consulting industry. Through organized mentorship sessions, ELEVATE members are provided with various opportunities to learn about the nuances of consulting recruitment.


Through ELEVATE, candidates will be able to connect with like-minded peers, successful alumni and experienced consultants. This program will allow students to gain comprehensive insight into the industry. This tight-knit network will be invaluable for candidates as they progress in their respective careers.


ELEVATE members will have access to an expansive collection of resources geared towards the consulting recruitment process.

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